I have earnt my living from IT for over 40 years on many platforms and business areas. I have worked in Shipping, Engineering, Trading and Car Data Publishing Industries. All the time riding, what must be the fastest evolution of technology ever, and being able to help businesses and people on this exciting ride.

The fun is, “nothing stays the same“. I joke you have to re-learn everything you know every 5 years. This is not far from the truth. What you know is constantly being disguarded, becomes contant or is renewed and improved. What you can do becomes easier, more things become possible; just think you can get a 4TB device for under £100! When I started out you had punch cards and cassette tape for storage. Most importantly, the imagination and and new stuff that appears constantly blows the mind. Speach recognisation, 3d printing and little data on the local device are just some of the stuff from the last 10 years. Just think what the next 10 years will bring…

I work independantly to assist individuals and small businesses with diverse problems.